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together, scaling HealthTech innovation in Asia Pacific

We believe the fastest, most effective way to scale your digital health innovation is to be the catalyst of innovators contributing to a US$80+B ecosystem to re-invent healthcare in Asia.

Our Mission

Founded in late 2015 by HealthTech innovators, Galen Growth Asia (GGA), operates at the epicentre of HealthTech innovation, aka digital health, in Asia Pac. Our mission is to solve healthcare system pain points and create significant financial and social value.
To achieve this, we position ourselves as the catalyst of direct collaboration between enterprises, startups and investors to prototype, evaluate and implement HealthTech solutions.
We offer our clients a portfolio of proprietary solutions designed specifically to empower their teams to build, execute and scale their digital health innovation strategies.
We partner with enterprises, investors and startups to fast track and deepen their engagement within this exciting ecosystem.

our services

Next Gen Scouting

HealthTech Alpha

Innovation Council

Scouting and profiling enabled by advanced analytics and insights

Leverage our analyst team and technology to fast track the analysis of hundreds of thousands of data points, way beyond financials, to pin point, evaluate and prioritise best fit ventures for your organisation’s needs ahead of your peers.

Real time data, analysis and news at your finger tips

The most advanced digital health ecosystem analytics platform in Asia Pac, preferred by investors, enterprises and startups, giving access to actionable insights and unique market intel on the thousands of digital health ventures enabling better decisions, based on real time and accurate data

Empowering enterprise innovation teams to win

A unique suite of solutions to enable innovation leaders and their teams to fast track the design and execution of their digital health strategies with bespoke match-making, thought leadership, proprietary research, leadership briefings, HealthTech Alpha and much more…

Our Team

Located in the Singapore, healthcare’s centre of gravity in Asia Pacific, our team brings together proven startup entrepreneurs, digital thought leaders, top technologists, and experienced executives from leading global brands.
We seek to transform healthcare in Asia Pacific through the passion of the innovator, the agility of the startup, the expertise of the enterprise and the funding of the investor.
Together, we strive to bring the value and the promise of digital health innovation, in collaboration with all those who believe in improving and democratising patient outcomes across Asia Pacific.

Asia HealthTech Investment Landscape 2019

The Asia HealthTech Investment Report is the bi-annual go-to-reference for key trends and insights in the region for investors and corporates. This report is powered by HealthTech Alpha, a Galen Growth Asia solution, the only analytics and database platform dedicated to HealthTech in Asia Pac.

Investment Report

The Asia HealthTech Investment H1 2019 Report

Asia Pac HealthTech ecosystem momentum continues unabated closing at the mid year point
at US$2.5B invested, building on the back of a record breaking 2018.


HealthTech Funding Trends H1 2019 Webinar

Join the webinar and get our opinion and insights first hand on key topics, such as 1) Where was the money invested in digital health in the first half of the year? 2) What were the key ecosystem drivers? 3) Will 2019 exceed last year's record breaking US$6.3B invested in HealthTech?

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